Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy
Accelerate your healing for optimal health.
Stimulate healing, improve circulation, and increase oxygen in your body tissue with Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy (PMF). PMF Therapy has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for a wide range of injuries and inflammations.

Decades of research and over 6,000 scientific studies have revealed the biological benefits of Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy for the following conditions:
  • Sports injuries such as tennis elbow
  • Musculoskeletal pain and injuries
  • Acute and chronic inflammations
  • Chronic and degenerative conditions
  • Metabolic and circulatory disorders
  • Delayed wound and bone healing
  • Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis Headaches
Meridian is your Toronto naturopathic clinic for Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy.


Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy

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