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The greatest thing in this world is no so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving. - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

Meridian Naturopathic Clinic and Assessment Centre uses functional testing and technology to pinpoint the cause of your health issues and to benchmark your health status at the start of your treatment. This allows us to effectively target your problem areas and prescribe naturopathic treatment accordingly. It also enables us to monitor your progress and the effectiveness of your treatment.


Before your assessments, Dr. Nana Chang will examine your medical history, and perform a full physical exam. Based on your results, your recommended assessments and treatments will be personalized for your unique needs.

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    Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT)
    Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) is a painless, non-invasive way to analyze skin temperature changes that can indicate internal organ imbalances such as a hidden inflammation of the digestive tract, thyroid, breasts, ovaries, or gums...
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    Light Microscopy
    A standard blood test examines blood cells in a colour-dyed, static state, often hours or days later. Light Microscopy examines a fresh droplet of blood within 20 minutes of removal from your fingertip. This way, we can analyze the blood in its natural, dynamic state, providing a 'closer to real life' picture of your blood health...
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    Electro-Dermal Testing
    Electro-Dermal Testing is an effective early detection tool. By measuring the current flow through various acupuncture meridians, Electro-Dermal Testing can reveal subtle changes to your health caused by physical, or emotional stressors...
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    Bioelectric Impedance Analysis
    Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) detects abnormal biomarkers, which can indicate degeneration and accelerated aging. BIA can also assess the hydration status of the body as well as the proportion of lean muscle mass to body fat ratio by measuring the flow of a mild electric current through body tissue...
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    Naturopathic & Functional Lab Testing
    Our naturopathic and functional health assessments includes lab tests such as Inflammation Markers, Food sensitivity testing, Comprehensive hormone assessment, ABO Blood Typing, Adrenal assessment, Thyroid assessment, Cancer Markers, Comprehensive Stool analysis, Heavy metal assessment, Hair Analysis, Parasite Stool Analysis, Salivary Hormone Assessment, Cardiovascular Profile evaluation and more...
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    Get the Correct Treatment for Optimum Health
    After your natural health care assessment, your naturopathic doctor can prescribe the most effective course of treatment to return you to optimal health...

Meridian Naturopathic Clinic and Assessment Centre takes naturopathic medicine to the next level.

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